Marathon signs deliver a boost; pokey ride-share drivers are bothersome

Readers rave about marathon cheer signs, feeding homeless, help after car accident, decorated cranes, voting, holiday coffee shops, downtown ambassadors; rant to Husky Stadium sound, ride-share drivers, no headlights, lying after car accident, hard handshake.

RAVE To the hundreds of supporters who not only came out to cheer runners in the Seattle Marathon but also took the time to put together cheering signs. My favorites: “Don’t Be Walken” (with a photo of Christopher Walken), “You Like Running, Remember?,” “May The Course Be With You,” and “On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re a 26.2.” They helped to keep me going.

RANT To men who view the handshake as a strength contest.

RAVE To my son-in-law, a Seattle restaurant owner, for opening his restaurant on Thanksgiving to feed 100 homeless people, and to all the volunteers who were there to make it happen.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to the UW Huskies for their tremendous play this football season. In victory and two tough loses, the Huskies always showed heart and class. Rant to the PA system at Husky Stadium for its overamplified and artificial, too-loud noise that threatens ”the greatest setting in college football.” Tone it down, please!

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RAVE For the one person who stopped to check on us when our car spun out in the snow and slammed into a guardrail on Interstate 97 south to Wenatchee. He stayed with us until he was certain we were all right; his kindness helped us more than he could know and made a terrifying experience bearable.

RANT To ride-share drivers who drive too slowly, take up two lanes and fail to move right to pick up and discharge passengers. Learn to drive correctly or stop driving. And rant to their passengers who don’t call out this behavior.

RAVE To the coffee shops that stay open on Thanksgiving and Christmas, providing warmth and cheer on days when, for some folks, many doors are closed.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to car manufacturers whose vehicles turn their lights on when the engine starts, and to the too-few drivers who know it’s important to turn headlights on in our often rainy, dark weather. Rant to clueless drivers who don’t turn their lights on.

RAVE For the MID Ambassadors (funded by a tax on downtown buildings) who are doing a great job keeping up with tons of falling leaves.

RANT To the driver who sideswiped my car, and then lied to her insurance company and said I…

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