Mara Kerr Tells Journey Of Young Girl Who Sails Solo Around World

It is a story of courage, faith and inspiration, overcoming odds.

Mara Kerr returns to the literary limelight with the release of her third book, “The Eye: Grayce Awakening” (published by Balboa Press in August of 2016). This novel features an epic journey about more than just sailing, geography and accomplishment.

After losing her entire family, Grayce decides to sail solo around the world. Raised in Key West, Florida, she knows all about the ocean but knows very little about love. Along the journey, Grayce discovers many angels who teach her how to live with grace and what an authentic life is really all about.

“Many young girls are sailing solo now. Many people are interested in angels, too. There are no books like mine. ‘The Eye’ is an original,” Kerr says. “It is a story of courage, faith and inspiration, overcoming odds.”

A snippet from the book reads:

Grayce’s higher level thoughts gently rolled around like calm ocean waves. Solitude is a funny thing; it allows you to become fully exposed to all things divine. And then at some point you wake up and there is an invisible force driving the boat. I suppose it is energy, like the wind. Migration patterns of animals, marine mammals and birds present this perfect energy to us with nature’s choreography and ballet. Practice God’s will in all you do until it is you. Island hopping around the coast off Brazil provided the symphony of nature Grayce always loved. The gently swaying palm trees attracted incredible giant Blue McCaw parrots like bees to honey. Grayce noticed they were always in pairs. I guess they need each other too. She enjoyed that thought and smiled.

“The Eye”

By Mara Kerr

Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 126 pages | ISBN 9781504356275

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 126 pages | ISBN 9781504356251

E-Book | 126 pages | ISBN 9781504356268

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About the Author

Mara Kerr was born in Oklahoma. She developed an early love of nature by spending summers in Northern Minnesota with her family. She spent much of her youth competitively showing horses. As an adult, Kerr owned and managed a registered Black Angus cattle ranch in Oklahoma for years. Moving to California provided the inspiration to begin writing about the ocean….

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