Manslaughter Charge Dismissed Against Son of Ex-City Hall Aide

A spokeswoman for the prosecutor’s office did not return a phone call seeking comment.

Judge Kazlau scheduled Mr. Noerdlinger’s next court appearance for Nov. 17.

Mr. Noerdlinger, who has been out on bail, stood between his mother and lawyers outside the courthouse here on Friday as the lawyers called for Ms. Grootenboer and the detective, James Costello, to be suspended and their cases to be investigated.

“If it’s happened here, as brazenly and easily as they did it here, it is absolutely impossible to believe that they haven’t done this before,” Mr. Lichtman said.

He told reporters that Ms. Grootenboer and Detective Costello had misled the grand jury about the nature of the confrontation, which occurred on Jan. 31, 2016 in Edgewater and left Savion Lewallen dead. There was no other way to describe their behavior, he said, other than to call it “massive” perjury and misconduct.

Mr. Lichtman said that after reading the grand jury minutes and concluding the case was tainted, he told the court in January that he wanted the case dismissed. But, he said, he did not file the motion because the prosecutor never turned over all of the evidence. After several delays, he said the county’s top prosecutor, Gurbir S. Grewal, agreed on Aug. 29 to dismiss the manslaughter charge.

Mr. Lichtman provided The New York Times with copies of interviews about the knives from a man charged as a co-conspirator in the robbery attempt and from Mr. Lewallen’s mother, as well as a transcript of the grand jury minutes.

“Simply put, this is the worst example of prosecutorial misconduct and perjury that I have ever witnessed in 27 years of practice,” Mr. Lichtman said in an email. “If I didn’t see these materials with my own eyes, I’d never believe it.”

What was not in dispute was that Mr. Lewallen was one of five people who tried to rob Mr. Noerdlinger on that night in 2016. Surveillance video of the fatal encounter, which Mr. Lichtman provided to The Times and which the prosecutor played for the grand jury, showed Mr. Lewallen and two other men attacking Mr. Noerdlinger on a street corner. One of the men, Kevensky Lubin, swung a bat. Mr. Lewallen and another man pulled out knives, according to the transcript of a videotaped statement from one of the suspects, Richard Jean-Pierre.

As the case investigator for the prosecutor’s office, Detective Costello was responsible for collecting and securing evidence,…

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