Man in storm films insane moment when lightning nearly strikes him


Man in storm films insane moment when lightning nearly strikes him

While filming an approaching lightning storm in Norway, Daniel Modol caught a truly terrifying moment on camera. A bolt of lightning struck his balcony, a mere 16 feet from where he was standing.


Dinosaurs are now protesting Donald Trump

A group of protesters gathered in Washington, DC, to demonstrate against President Trump’s proposed budget cuts for national service programs. Unfortunately, they all decided to wear silly dinosaur costumes, turning the whole event into a farce and basically guaranteeing that nobody will take them seriously.


Idiot puts bare ass on bees for money

Beekeeper Jamie Grainger won a sizable bet in rural New Zealand, after he sat bare-bottomed atop a beehive for a painful 30 seconds. “It wasn’t pleasant, but it was certainly amusing,” the 27-year-old kiwi said afterward. “As you can imagine, your arse swells up.”


Biker survives getting struck and dragged by truck

While crossing a street in India on his bike, Naveen Kumar was struck by a truck, which dragged him for several feet. Amazingly, he got up after the accident, and after going to a hospital, was reported to have suffered no major injuries.


Tomi Lahren isn’t afraid of controversial moments

Tomi Lahren has been hired by Fox News as an on-air contributor. The former “Blaze” host gained national prominence after she made controversial statements, including a tweet comparing the Black Lives Matter movement to the KKK. Lahren made her Fox News debut on “Hannity.”


Good Samaritans form human chain to help woman in labor through floodwaters

When a pregnant woman trapped in her apartment due to floods caused by Tropical Storm Harvey went into labor, her neighbors came to the rescue. The fire department eventually sent a rescue vehicle, so everyone formed a…

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