Making Time, Is It Possible?

The common saying is “I will make time for you” but how is that possible? We just don’t have time anymore to do anything, we are all just running around like crazy people trying to get caught up finishing our daily routines, and god forbid an unscheduled event or surprise be added to our hectic day. 

Have you ever wonder how stressful a life we are living today? And are we looking to blame someone for it? Well. We are making it the way it is; we have decided not to stop and take a breath but to exhaust ourselves to the point of frustration. Is there a solution to this crazy lifestyle we are living in? And why do you ask, because if I tell you to turn off your phone for an hour a day, or not go to that social event that you must go to, or maybe you are skipping rest and relaxation for sake of not missing that Idol show on TV. Would you do it? 

I knew you would say no. So then let’s see what we have here, a few time management tips: Not enough hours in the day – It’s all about time management, learn to limit the time you spend doing tasks, if you are taking too long, maybe either you are not the right person to do it and delegate it, apply the time save to other scheduled events or just enjoy the time saved on yourself.

Time is money – Managing your time properly means deciding that the tasks and appointments are worth to you the time you will be spending on them, for instance, when we order pizza to be delivered is because our time is more enjoyable or valuable than the time we would spend driving to the pizza place. 

I will make time – You can’t make time. Time management is not a science is a learned skill. Those that are successful “have a plan”, you should too; use a scheduler, get a daily planner, and use it. Do not let things creep up on your day, move them back to your availability, remember that you are the manager of yourself and a good manager will schedule properly and will take good care of the people being managed. 

But – No buts ifs or…

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