Making The Most Of Your Lighting With LED Spotlights

Lighting has come a long way in recent years and the arrival of modern LED bulbs has further advanced consumer options and has ensured that buyers can access top quality lighting without having to pay top prices. While LED bulbs and lights may cost more than their CFL equivalent they offer lifelong savings as well as an increasing range of options that make them the ideal choice for most situations and circumstances. Reducing carbon footprint, minimising energy usage, and reducing energy spend are especially important factors to the modern homeowner and this is where LED lights, in particular, can prove extremely effective.


Choosing Suitable Lights

It is important that the consumer purchases lights that are suitable as well as being inexpensive. Different bulbs have different properties and, as well as those that offer dim, mood lighting, it is possible to purchase bright white bulbs. Regardless of the colour and style, LED bulbs are designed to light rooms and they do so uniformly and with other great looking design benefits too.


Energy Efficiency And Heat Production

One of the reasons that LED uses less energy is because the bulbs produce less heat. When a bulb creates heat, it is wasting energy that should be used to light the bulb. In the case of an incandescent bulb, around 90% of the energy creates heat and 10% is produced as light. With a CFL bulb, there is around 80% heat produced but with an LCD there is only 75% heat. This also means that LED bulbs are safer and can be used in situations where the introduction of heat may prove damaging.


Energy Consumption And Bulb Life Figures

It takes an incandescent bulb 60 watts of energy to create 800 lumens of light and has a life of approximately 2,000 hours before the bulb will usually need replacing. A CFL, or energy saving bulb, takes 15 watts of electricity and has an average lifespan of 20,000 hours. LED lights come out on top, though, using just 8 watts to produce 800 lumens and offering a life…

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