Make breathtaking 3D TV a reality with Sky 3D

You can now get a wide range of fantastic new packages from Sky that allow you to experience your favourite television, movies and sport in a whole new way. One of the newest and most exciting options is with their Sky 3D TV packages.

You can now experience the wonder of 3D in your own front room, it is the perfect way to enhance your entertainment viewing and now with Sky 3D you can add the perfect extra to your viewing experience. You can see you favourite television shows brought to life, and all of your favourite film characters can be viewed from a completely new angle. You can watch all of your favourite movies with in depth detail and if there are kids in your household they will be enchanted and amazed by the technology and experience.

All you need to take advantage of this new package is a 3D ready TV, which can be easily recognised from a 3D TV ready logo on it. 3D ready sets are also HD ready which means you can enjoy a range of amazing high definition channels too! You will also need 3D glasses to view your television, and these are normally available with your 3D television set. Then all you need to organise is your new package, and you will have a brand new 3D top box set installed so in no time at all you will be able to enjoy a huge range of benefits from Sky.

Viewing on your new 3D set will be detailed, vibrant and immersing, you will be surprised at the amazing quality you can achieve with your at home set. You can also get many other great packages, such as with heir Sky+HD package where you can achieve amazing high definition viewing in your home. You not only benefit from amazing picture quality, colour vibrancy and detail, but amazing sound quality too. All of the Sky+ set top boxes also come with the ability to pause, rewind and record live television, so you never miss a thing again. You can store hours of your favourite TV straight to your top box and watch it when it suits you best.

You can also get many great Sky Digital services such as TV, Internet and home phone. If you just take a look at the official website you will find information on the huge array of services that Sky offer their customers, from TV services and packages to Internet and home phone bundles. You can explore all of the latest channels and programmes to be found on Sky as well as pick the perfect channel package for your home. If you need help with any thing you can also talk to an advisor who is more than happy to help you make the best decision for you…

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