Make a simple necklace using crimp beads, clay beads and beads stringing material

Jewelry making is a good hobby to fill up those idle hours in a day. It can be used to make attractive presents that you can give to family members during special occasions. Learning jewelry making can also save you money as you will learn to make inexpensive jewelry pieces for your personal use using material like crimp beads and beads stringing material. In certain ways, homemade jewelry has an upper hand on pieces from the beading shop because you can add a few personal touches that make it unique only to you.

Many people are put off from making jewelry because they think to have good jewelry; you need to use expensive materials. Others think it’s a complicated hobby that requires a lot of skill. The truth is there are a lot of inexpensive materials you can use to make amazing statement jewelry t0 wear in any occasion. Creativity and time are the main ingredients you need, followed by the purchase of a few inexpensive beads, beading wire, crimp beads and jewelry making equipment.

Items you need to make jewelry from clay beads:

– Beads stringing material

Choose flexible beading wire that you can easily purchase from a jewelry making supplies shop. Select stringing material that is of the right thickness, to hold the beads you have chosen.

– Clay beads

Thee beads come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Choose the beads, according to the design you are planning to work on. Use your imagination and create a design that is right for your personality.

– Crimp beads

You need these beads to secure your necklace after making the desired design. They secure the beads keeping them from falling off and are also used to secure the clasps of the jewelry item.

– Crimp pliers

These should fit the size of beading wire and crimp size you have chosen for your project.

– Jump rings

These are items used in jewelry making to attach the clasps onto your finished jewelry piece for a clean and professional finish

Process of making the clay jewelry:

– Start by attaching a…

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