MaintenX Shares How to Keep Tampa Restaurants’ HVAC System Ready for the Final Weeks of Summer

With a few weeks left of summer, your restaurant’s Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is more important than ever. MaintenX International, a Tampa-based facilities repair company, wants to offer local restaurants “no sweat” tips to keep cool through this last stretch of summer.

“Every restaurant has a unique set of challenges when it comes to proper HVAC services,” said Bill Schaphorst, VP of Business Development at MaintenX International. “A restaurant facility manager has to make sure the system can minimize smoke from the kitchen, control food odors and keep guest comfortable. This makes the need for restaurant HVAC care critical, especially during the peak of Florida heat.”

Not every maintenance company has the expertise needed to deal with the requirements of a restaurant environment but MaintenX has helped local restaurants and businesses with their facility maintenance needs for more than 30 years. Here are a few recommendations to maintain your restaurant’s HVAC system:

1. Replace your Air Filter

Change your air filter regularly, especially in a restaurant environment. With all of the smoke, oil and grease circulating in the air, restaurant facility managers should change the HVAC system’s air filter at least once a month. A dirty air filter will negatively impact your building’s air quality and require your system to work harder to keep your restaurant cool.

2. Install a Makeup Air Unit

A makeup air unit pulls outside air into your restaurant to replace the air that is removed from the kitchen’s exhaust equipment. With fryers, grills and cooktops generating heat and grease, and baking ovens and dishwashers creating steam, exhaust systems can be tasked with removing heaps of air from your restaurant kitchen. Without a proper makeup air unit, you can face higher energy bills, poor air quality and odor issues. All of these problems can take a hefty toll on your HVAC system. Be sure to install a quality makeup air unit in your restaurant to prevent these problems from happening.

3. Make your Kitchen a Separate Zone

Restaurant kitchens are equipped with scorching stove tops, burning ovens and other high-intensity cooking equipment that contribute to increased temperature levels, especially during hot Tampa summers. One challenge is maintaining…

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