MaintenX Offers Tampa Restaurants Suggestions for Effective Pest Control as Summer Winds Down

Pests and rodents don’t discriminate. Whether you are the facility manager of a restaurant that offers fine dining or fast food, it’s important to take proactive measures to keep unwanted visitors from inviting themselves to your table. MaintenX International, a Tampa-based facilities repair company, wants to help local restaurants take proactive steps to stop pests as summer winds down.

“Nothing will ruin an appetite more quickly than seeing pests in a restaurant,” said Bill Schaphorst, VP of Business Development at MaintenX International. “Proper pest and rodent control is especially crucial for restaurants as it can extend beyond an unsettling occurence into significant financial repercussions and damaged reputations. It’s important to take a proactive approach to pest control because once you or a diner see a problem, the damage is already done.”

MaintenX International has been helping Tampa restaurants with proper pest control for more than 30 years. Here are a few tips to protect your restaurant against rodents and pests:

1. Use Door Sweeps

Doors offer an easy entry point for rodents and pests to enter your restaurant. All doors should remain closed when they are not in use and should be equipped with high-grade pest-proof door sweeps. Also, all wooden doors should be surrounded by iron sheeting to prevent rats or termites from gnawing at the doors’ edges.

2. Protect your Pipes

Pipes serve as an easy entrance for cockroaches and rats. Drain pipes should be protected with perforated covers to prevent any unwanted guests from sneaking in to your restaurant.

3. Shield Air Vents

Air vents and ventilation grates also serve as a perfect gateway for pests. Make sure that these areas are protected with exclusion materials, such as vent covers or proper lining materials. This will seal any cracks that would allow critters to creep in.

4. Prevent Standing Water

Standing water can attract bugs and pests almost immediately. Be sure that your restaurant’s gutters are free of debris that could prevent water from being directed away from the building. This also means you should immediately fix leaking pipes to prevent standing water inside your facility.

5. Keep Food Stored Properly

Unsurprisingly, pests are attracted to the smell of food. Make sure that all food items are…

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