MaintenX International Offers Tips to Help Local Businesses Prepare for Florida’s Rainy Season

As summer rolls around, Florida’s rainy season is in full swing. With the increase in thunderstorms, MaintenX International wants to make sure local businesses are prepared for the extra rainfall.

“Preparation now can prevent problems that result from heavy rains down the road,” said Bill Schaphorst, MaintenX’s VP of Business Development. “Buildings that are not properly weatherproofed can suffer from rotted wood, cracks, water leakage, mildew and mold. It’s important to prep your business or facility to withstand the challenges of the rainy season not only to protect your customers, but to prevent costly repairs too.”

MaintenX’s highly trained professionals are here to help you safeguard your business. Below are a few tips to help you ready your facility for rain:

1.    Prepare the Roof

Inspecting your roof for any potential threats should be your first line of defense when weatherproofing your business. Replace cracked shingles, repair damaged roof ridges and look for any rust stains. You’ll want to fix these complications sooner rather than later in order to prevent water damage.

2.    Clear Gutters

Your facility’s gutters are supposed to help catch rainfall and keep water away from your home. However, it can be hard for them to perform their job effectively if they are clogged with leaves, dirt and other build-up. Be sure to clean your gutters before the rainy season begins.

3.    Seal Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are yet another way water can intrude into your business. Even the tiniest gap can allow lots of water to enter your location. Have your windows and doors sealed and add weather-stripping where appropriate.

4.    Trim Trees and Bushes

It is also wise to trim tree branches and bushes that have grown close to your facility. You want to eliminate…

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