MaintenX International Offers Tampa Businesses Tips on How to Prepare a Commercial Building for a Hurricane

As the Atlantic Hurricane season hits its peak in September, MaintenX International, a Tampa-based facilities repair company, wants to help local Tampa businesses prepare their buildings for extreme weather. It’s important for the commercial sector to take special precautions when it comes to prepping for a major hurricane so they can get back to business quickly.

“Late August and early September are identified as the most active time for hurricanes, making it all the more important to ensure your business is prepared for a storm,” said Bill Schaphorst, VP of Business Development at MaintenX International. “By taking proactive measures against extreme weather, you’ll protect your building, your employees, and your company.”

MaintenX has helped businesses prepare and recover from hurricanes for more than a decade. Below are a few tips to help businesses prepare a commercial building for a severe storm:

1.    Protect Windows

In order to protect your commercial building from debris blown by strong winds, install plywood over all windows before the storm arrives. For extra security, install shutters that are closable to further shield any glass surfaces.

2.    Clean Gutters

Be sure to clean out the gutters, drains and downspouts of your building. In the event of heavy rains, this will ensure water flows away from your business, rather than resulting in water damage.

3.    Prepare Furniture

To prevent damage to furniture items, bolt bookcases and shelving units to wall studs. This will keep these large items secure and prevent them from tipping over and causing damage.

4.    Secure Décor

Using screws and wire, securely attach framed pictures and mirrors to your building’s walls. If certain décor pieces remain loose, simply remove and relocate them to the innermost portion of the building.

5.    Elevate Equipment

If possible, elevate machinery, desks or other valuable furniture items with wooden pallets. This will prevent water damage to your company’s equipment in the event that heavy rains cause flooding in your building.

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