MaintenX International Gives Local Restaurants Tips for Summer Maintenance

Summertime is a busy season for the restaurant industry, making proper maintenance more important than ever. MaintenX International wants to make sure the equipment at local restaurants can make it through the busy summer months in good working order.

“Any restaurant owner knows, in order to make the best meals possible for customers, you need to have your equipment working at maximum efficiency,” said MaryAnn Velez, MaintenX’s Director of National Service. “Incorporating a summer maintenance program into your business is a smart solution and can lead to lower utility costs, fewer equipment breakdowns and happier customers.”

For more than 30 years, MaintenX and its national team of restaurant experts has helped local businesses maintain their restaurant equipment. To make sure your restaurant appliances are functioning at their peak performance this summer, follow these helpful tips:

1.    Replace Air Filters

Replace your restaurant’s air filters once a month. Check the filters on air conditioning units, refrigeration units and coolers. Vacuum away dust and other debris when necessary. This will not only improve the air quality of your business, but it will also keep your systems working efficiently.

2.    Clean Gaskets

Another important place to clean is around refrigeration unit gaskets. It can be easy for grease and oil to gather there, which can eat away at your unit’s gaskets. You’ll want to keep this area clean to prevent having to get these gaskets replaced.

3.    Examine Exhaust Units

Examine your overhead exhaust units. This is another spot grease can build up and restrict the airflow in your restaurant kitchen. Be sure to clean this filter heavily or simply replace it.

4.    Caulk Various Areas

Caulk can not only prevent pests from entering your building, but it also can protect tight spaces from absorbing moisture and growing mold. Be sure to inspect your restaurant’s sinks, hoods, countertops and backsplashes for damaged caulking and fix it.

5.    Repair Outdoor Seating

The summer sunshine can be inviting and outdoor seating can be increasingly popular during the season. After a long winter, outdoor furniture can require some repairs. All chairs and tables should be checked for cracks, splinters or other damages. Depending on the…

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