MaintenX International Emphasizes the Importance of Landscaping During Rainy Season

Florida’s summer rainy season can have a big effect on your facility’s landscape.

Heavy rains can lead to flooded lawns, steady winds can wreak havoc on trees, and a series of storms can result in standing water. MaintenX International wants to make sure local businesses are prepared for the rainy season. Their company experts are here to help your landscaping stay in good shape.

“A building’s landscaping is an important part of any business or company,” said Bill Schaphorst, MaintenX’s VP of Business Development. “When an area experiences increased rainfall, such as during daily summer storms, this rain can make a big mark on your plants, trees and grass. Proper maintenance of your facility’s landscaping is crucial to maintain curb appeal and saving money.”

For more than 30 years, MaintenX and its network of knowledgeable and professional technicians have helped businesses with their landscaping needs. Make sure your grounds stay green this rainy season with these top tips:

1. Trim Trees and Bushes

It’s important to trim your trees and bushes before the rainy season starts. With an increase in sunshine and rainfall, your company’s landscaping can grow twice as fast. Add in the heavy winds that accompany summer storms and cutting down overgrown branches becomes crucial. Trimming your trees and bushes can prevent building and roof damage that results from broken tree limbs.

2. Strengthen Plants

Take steps to strengthen any leaning trees on your property. A heavy shower can result in new plants slanting from their weight. Add proper support to your plant’s limbs to prevent crooked plants that can negatively impact your building’s curb appeal.

3. Turn off the Sprinklers

If your grass is receiving lots of water from constant rainfall, turn off the outdoor sprinkler system – or at least reduce its frequency. This will help your landscape stay properly hydrated, and lower your utility bills too.

4. Ditch Damaged Plants

The rainy season can lead to plants losing their leaves, broken branches and other damage. When necessary, replace these plants, rather than letting them remain on your property.

5. Protect Against Moisture

Heavy, constant rains can lead to an overwhelming amount of moisture in your building’s yard. These damp conditions are the perfect…

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