Mahmood Khan Returns to Australia

On November 16th 2013, Australia’s Sydney Opera House sees the return of international singer, songwriter Mahmood Khan in what is expected to be a historic event. Khan will appear live on stage accompanied by his 10-piece band.

Khan last played at the famous opera house four years ago. The concert was recorded live with and later released the album of the recorded concert, making him an overnight success. The track “Like a River”, taken from the album, hit the top spot in Australia’s mainstream music chart.

Originally from Pakistan, Mahmood Khan moved to Los Angeles, USA, where he worked in music production for over 12 years. He worked his way up to become chief sound engineer and music producer for music production house prior to relocating in Australia. Khan’s musical influences include artists such as brothers Barry and Maurice Gibb, famously known for their 70’s film soundtrack to ‘Saturday Night Fever’ as pop group Bee Gees, in which they performed alongside brother Robin Gibb. John Farrar has also been mentioned as being a musical influence on Khan.

Mahmood Khan began his singing career in the mid 1990’s. His first solo album was unsuccessful, but the release of his second album in 1997 sold over 6 million copies worldwide. Following the album’s success Khan became a known world music artist within the industry. In 2004 he performed at the opening and closing ceremonies for the 9th South Asian Federation Games and in 2010 he was asked to sing the Pakistani national anthem at the test cricket match opening. Ironically enough the match was between Pakistan and Australia.

Further international success for Khan came in 2011 when his you-tube channel topped over 50 million viewers. It was also during this same year that Khan was deemed to be a “Distinguished talent” by the Australian government. A little more recently, he was invited to perform live on Australian television. This was a way into which he was able to showcase his most famous songs.

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