Magellan International School Adds Innovative Design Thinking Program to its International Baccalaureate Curriculum

Magellan Students Making

Austin is an entrepreneur’s town with a culture of innovation. Magellan’s innovation and design program further aligns the school’s mission with Austin’s character and business culture. – Scott Francis, CEO of BP3 Global

The Magellan International School, an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School in Central Austin, has announced the addition of design thinking and makerspace programming, the creation of a new i.Lab for Design + Making, and adding several strategic members to the school’s academic team to support the program. The innovative program and staff additions come as the school continues to enhance its strong academic program and prepare its students for careers and entrepreneurism in Austin and beyond.

“Building a design thinking program and the i.Lab for Design + Making at The Magellan International School will enhance and enrich the IB educational experience by giving students the opportunity to build, re-design, and tinker with a variety of materials,” shared Head of School, Marisa Leon. “We are excited for our students as they learn and develop new tools and technologies. Through this program, they will be more prepared to navigate uncertainty, think collaboratively, become more adaptable and develop multiple perspectives in decision-making.”

Throughout the summer, Magellan was building out the i.Lab for Design + Making at its flagship campus serving students in Kindergarten through 8th grade as well as providing mobile makerspaces for all preschool students. Faculty have participated in workshops on design thinking – an innovative combination of creative and analytical approaches to problem solving across disciplines – at both The University of Texas at Austin this spring and through the Henry Ford Learning Institute this summer to ensure deep competency across the entire school.

“Austin is an entrepreneur’s town with a culture of innovation,” shared Scott Francis, President of Magellan’s Board of Directors and CEO of BP3 Global. “Our community’s emphasis on arts and technology has long inspired great design, technology, events, and startups. Magellan’s innovation and design program further aligns the school’s mission with Austin’s…

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