Made Strong in Weakness” is an inspiring true story of hope, love, and triumph over seemingly insurmountable challenges.

“Forged: Made Strong in Weakness”: a celebration of spirit and faith in the form of a young boy with enormous challenges who, through sheer force of will and limitless faith, becomes a strong and successful inspiration to countless others. “Forged: Made Strong in Weakness” is the creation of published author Sean Neal, the son of a farmer who graduated from Washington State University with a degree in finance, after which he pursued a career as a financial advisor. Following his stint with Edward Jones Investments, he found an opportunity to work for his alma mater, where he currently works as a financial reporting manager. His real passion, however, is the farm and sharing the love of Christ with audiences of varying kinds.

Neal shares, “His father grabs his arms and pulls him from the pool. He lifts him up and sets him down in his wheelchair. After wrapping up in his towel, he proceeds to greet his friends outside the pool with a grin rivaling Michael Phelps in his Gold Medal glory.

Leaving the pool, he inquires, ‘What was my time?’

They high five and congratulate him, swimmers and bystanders alike. The young boy doesn’t realize the impact he’s having on every person watching. This transcendent scene, these small-town people, they get it. They value the can-do spirit, the sheer grit and determination.

Some deep revelations are held within the confines of that pool; most obviously to never quit, to never give up, and never let circumstances dictate what one does or who one becomes. It’s about focus. It’s about being our own biggest competitor. It’s about being the best version of ourselves. It’s about tackling each obstacle with the same fortitude and vigor regardless of the stakes. It’s about gratitude, the love of a father, and building up those around us. It’s about faith. It’s about hope. It’s about fighting the good fight and fulfilling our destiny.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Sean Neal‘s new book is an inspiring true story revealing the limitless possibilities for those with faith.

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