Lytics Announces Industry’s First Orchestration Tool as the Control Center for Cross-Channel Marketing

Screenshot of Lytics Orchestrate UI

Lytics’ ability to orchestrate marketing campaigns based on each individual consumer’s lifecycle and past interactions is paramount to Heineken USA moving forward.” – Bram Reukers of Heineken

With the goal of more relevant marketing, the customer data platform (CDP) has recently emerged to break down the “silos” of customer data (e.g., email subscriber interactions, website visitors, mobile engagement, etc.) created by competing marketing-technology vendors. Now, the customer data platform has a new opportunity: create one marketing canvas to orchestrate truly cross-channel marketing campaigns. Today, Lytics announces the first customer data platform to seize this opportunity with Orchestrate, a new product for understanding and activating customer data to conduct more relevant marketing. With Lytics, marketers no longer have to log into multiple marketing systems to create cross-channel customer journeys; instead, Lytics customers can orchestrate coordinated campaigns from one dashboard.

Steve Lok, The Economist Group’s global head of martech and ops, is a sought-after speaker at marketing-technology conferences and had early access to Lytics Orchestrate. “At The Economist we’ve long known that a customer data platform is the ideal hub for marketers to finally be able to orchestrate their initiatives across channels and platforms,” said Lok. “With Lytics Orchestrate, we expect not only to continue to increase subscription revenue, but also to create a real nexus to leverage our sophisticated martech ecosystem. I’m really, really excited about these new capabilities.”

Nearly all customer data platforms integrate with third-party marketing tools to first collect user behavioral data (e.g., email clicks, website visits, purchases, etc.), and then create user profiles (and audience segments) with that data that feed back into those third-party marketing tools to improve their targeting capabilities. Yet, these customer data platforms still force marketers to log into countless marketing tools to do 90 percent of their work. Lytics takes the customer data platform concept beyond “neutral data-activation hub” to allow marketers to do more campaign work in…

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