Lutheran Bishop Robert Alan Rimbo: It is often in the darkest moments that faith is rediscovered

Come the holidays, millions of periodic worshipers return to church inspired to reconnect with their faith and to regain spiritual grounding.   

However, in these tumultuous times faith can seem elusive amid a world left weary by politicized religion, divisive rhetoric, terrorism, skepticism, and an ever-growing distrust of leaders, icons and institutions.

Yet, it is often in the darkest most disorienting moments that faith can be rediscovered, and truly embraced. And it may – or may not – come from time spent in a house of worship.

I think the best way to rekindle faith is to be in places where faith can find us. I’m not simply writing to invite you to a mosque or synagogue or church. I’m inviting you to places where people of faith gather and participate in the movement of progression and inclusion we are working hard to achieve. 

We urge people of faith and good will to take solace and comfort in the fact that there is a strong current of inclusion, unity, acceptance and celebration of faith among the faithful in the places we gather.

We as a community of faithful have made significant strides to counteract negative forces of division and hate with inclusion and belonging and are working together for a time of unity.

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