Low carb bread – a good alternative

Bread is one of the few kinds of food that are continuously popular despite their centuries-long presence in our diets. Paleontologists discovered, that it was known even to the oldest of civilizations. Its simple recipe has been being taught from mother to daughter and has not changed very much since then. Moreover, it has not lost any of its popularity either. We reach for bread almost day by day, very often a couple of times in a single day. We eat it for breakfast, we eat it for supper, and we have it for dinner as aperitif. However, dietitians discovered, that many types of bread are very rich in carbohydrates, saccharide that serves as fuel for our bodies. Nowadays, people are less and less active, which means they need less and less chemical fuel. Unfortunately, they often forget about this and dismiss any warnings from dietitians, who advise switching to low carb bread.

To begin with, carbohydrates can have complex and simple structures. A common bread contains its complex variations, which are difficult for our bodies to break down and salvage chemical energy from them. In other words, it takes time before they can be used as fuel. That is why, scientists advise to eat food rich in proteins and fat as well, as they are more efficient sources of energy for our bodies. Unfortunately, people are not interested in the nutrition facts about their diets, and the truth is that unused carbohydrates pile up, causing obesity which of course comes with various risks as well. One ought to be active enough to balance out the increased intake of carbohydrates contained in common bread, which very often is not the case. Therefore, by switching to low carb bread one can decrease his intake of this substance and thus his body will be able to break it down and use it as fuel which translates into no surplus that would be piling up. People who because of modern lifestyle cannot find a time and will to exercise should consider this alternative especially, at least if they care about staying fit.

However, this does not mean that this type of bread is not for active people. As it was already mentioned, complex carbohydrates in white bread take a long time before they can be used as a source of energy, while athletes and sportsmen need energy sources that are available instantly, and these are simple carbohydrates, such as sugar. In fact, the increased intake of carbohydrates would make their training less efficient as their bodies would have to burn its surplus…

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