Love it or hate it: The holidays give us all the feels

It’s time to gear up for the holidays, and Seattle Times staffers have strong feelings, both positive and negative. Don’t get reporter Tan Vinh started about the yule log on PBS…

The holiday season. Some wait all year for it. Others can’t wait for it to end. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle.

We surveyed the sometimes cheerful, sometimes grumpy Seattle Times features staff for their favorite — and least favorite — things about this time of year. Tell us yours at

Madeline Mckenzie, Datebook editor

Happy memories and traditions are the heart of holiday must-do lists, those things you’ve done for years, maybe since childhood. Besides planned events, there’s the joy of surprises — happening upon a fabulous neighborhood light display or cozy, cheerful seasonal décor at a favorite shop or restaurant, or running into someone unexpected and delightful at a holiday party.

My personal seasonal favorites: the Macy’s Holiday Parade (though I wimp out if the weather’s frightful) — troupes costumed as dancing toys, marching bands playing Christmas tunes, sheepdogs in Santa hats … what’s not to love? Getting into the spirit of the season watching “It’s a Wonderful Life,” preferably while decorating the tree or hanging stockings, is a must. Hosting the fun, noisy family Christmas Eve party for 20 or more, with dinner on Rose Chintz dishes handed down from my Mom and used at every Christmas in my life, is joy of the past and present.

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What I don’t like about the season: There’s never enough time to do all the fun events at this time of year AND all the shopping, decorating, cooking and baking. Dreary weather is a downside, too — thank goodness for holiday lights, so crucial to December cheer!

Tan Vinh, Food & Drink writer

We’re slaves to our lunch-at-our-desk routine all year, but come the holidays, I love that we loosen our collar and spend hours laughing with friends and family over a Babette’s Feast, whether it be Thanksgiving or dim sum in Chinatown on Christmas Day. I make sure the party never ends. Dinner is followed by shots of Fernet to burrow a hole in everyone’s stomach so we can eat more. To finish, some Hennessy Master Blender’s Selection No. 2 cognac, holiday in a glass.

But really, am I the only one wigged out by people who stare at the yule log on PBS? Just stop it. It’s not…

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