Losing Belly Fat- A Guide Only For Women

There are ample of article and diet plans out there that promise to reduce belly fat fast and quick but not all of them are genuinely true. Being in the fitness industry for more than a decade I can easily say that women have to struggle more than what men have to. Following a strict diet plan is not going to do it and there is no medicine manufactured till date that can produce miraculous results overnight. Patience is the key when one has to get rid of excess belly fat.

Diet is not the ultimate solution to lose belly fat. It is mostly short lived and negative in impact. The reason behind this is that most of the women that go on a fad diet gain the weight again. Instead of following a strict diet plan you must opt for a healthy life-style. You must be mentally prepared for this and should feel that you are ready for the change. It is a decision to be committed rather than just experimenting.

Nutrition is the key, so the first thing you should look at is the calorie intake. Too little calories and the belly fat will not come off and the same thing for too many. You should have to maintain the right calorie consumption to reduce belly fat. This can vary from 1-1.5 grams per body weight or you can go by the lean muscle mass.

Second thing that you have to do is to get fish oils at least 6 grams daily as this will help you lose belly fat quickly. You actually have to take the right amount and types of fat to lose belly fat. Most of the programs will show you how to take weight off but you have to seriously give this thing a thought that it is not the weight loss that will help but it’s the fat loss that will give you permanent results.

Third thing is the training program. A blend of weight training and cardio is what can make a difference. I have found most women doing cardio the wrong way. So forget about long sessions on steady state cardio as these can actually produce more cortisol, which results in belly fat. The right way to do cardio is interval and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). These are short bursts that can be done outside or on a cardio machine.

Light weights and more reps are not going to help you get rid of your belly fat. Instead vary the training program with heavy and light weight exercises. Another thing that matters is the intensity. If you are training and not sweating than push yourself harder.

Fourth thing is to track your progress. Take body fat every 2 weeks, along with pictures and measurements. Try on a pair of pants that…

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