Lose Weight Before Getting Rid of the Folds

When you lose a lot of weight, excess skin is commonly left behind, particularly in the abdomen and thighs. This is a big problem for people who have lost a lot of weight very quickly, like more than 100 pounds in a few months. The skin loses its elasticity when it is stretched too much and, unfortunately, does not gain that back quickly. This is why many very obese people tend to see surgery as a valid option.


Lose Weight Slowly to Prevent Loose Skin


In some cases, extreme changes to your lifestyle may not be the right way to approach weight loss. Your body becomes accustomed to your unhealthy eating and exercise habits and therefore rapid weight loss has its downside. Losing only 2 to 5 pounds in a week may take longer to achieve your goals but is often healthier metabolically. Experts discovered that the sagging of the skin is less pronounced with a more gradual loss of weight. Start with creating a healthy eating plan and a cardiovascular workout. Combining a well-balanced low calorie diet with daily exercise that burns calories  for 1-2 hours per day helps the body adjust to the changes and minimizes the possibility of shock that causes the skin to sag.


Prevent Loose Skin After Weight Loss


Continue to exercise using specific exercises to tighten the areas of your skin affected, along with cardiovascular exercises. In this case, the easiest ways to tone the abdominal muscles is by doing abdominal crunches and sit ups. A combination of squats, leg lifts and leg extensions can help with toning your thighs. In order to achieve your desired shape and size, continue to eat a healthy diet with the occasional treat, but to never over do the simple carbohydrates and refined sugar. Also, ensure that you drink a lot of water, about 8 glasses in a day.


Consider talking to your doctor about your concerns. Surgery should only be considered as a last resort when it comes to rapid weight loss. There are several risks that should be…

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