Local comedian Dylan Avila was struck in the head on stage. Three years later, he’s telling his story.

In 2015, Des Moines comedian Dylan Avila suffered a double skull fracture after being hit in the head by a bat. This weekend he’ll perform a one-man show about the experience called “My Turn at Bat,” at The Rendezvous, in Seattle.

When a comic “dies on stage,” that’s humor parlance for failing to score laughs. No one was cracking up when comedian Dylan Avila almost literally died while performing at the Local 907 in Renton in January 2015.

While hosting an open-mic event, the Des Moines resident was struck in the head twice by fellow comic Steve Baldwin, who was swinging an aluminum bat.

Avila, 39, suffered a double skull fracture. There are two titanium plates in his head and he had 20 staples across his skull.

“I’m a badass,” the Microsoft advertising executive said, calling from his Des Moines home. (Avila also worked in advertising at the Seattle Times from 2007-2010.) “He didn’t knock me out. I even tried to get up but my friends said, ‘we got this.’”

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Recovering from his traumatic brain injury has been a process. “I crash hard every day,” Avila said. “I have to deal with fatigue so I take naps. That’s something I got out of the ordeal.”

Now, three years later, he’s coming out with a show inspired by the horrific bludgeoning. The charismatic stand-up will combine the humorous with the poignant in his one-man show “My Turn at Bat,” on Saturday, Jan. 6, at The Rendezvous, in downtown Seattle.

In the show, Avila will detail what it was like prior to the attack. “I saw this blur coming at my face and then boom,” Avila recalled.

He’ll talk about his hospital stay and the challenges that come with recovering from a traumatic brain injury.

“The experience was horrible, but I have a story no other comic can tell,” Avila said. “I do a joke in the show about how (Baldwin) was the worst killer ever. Thankfully, he was dumb enough to do it in front of witnesses. He could have gone after me while I was walking to the car. Maybe then he would have actually killed me. He hit me very hard twice and the third time could have been fatal.

“It’s heavy material that I’ll be delivering, but it’s unique. I’m just happy that I’m still able to do stand-up.”

During an interview with another comic, Tracy Morgan, who suffered a traumatic brain injury due to a car accident in 2014, the former “30 Rock” star…

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