LiveCoach Launches Curated, On-Demand Coaching Solution That Benefits Both Clients and Coaches

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LiveCoach, the go-to platform that brings the life-changing experience of coaching to everyone, on-demand at an affordable cost, officially launched today. Leveraging AI and big data to connect clients with compatible and reputable coaches at any time, LiveCoach is modernizing the industry for both users and coaches. Its subscription-based service offers clients with curated coach recommendations and unlimited messaging options with multiple coaches at low costs. The platform also allows coaches to reach more clients outside of their local area and in less time than in-person sessions as well as offers more return on each session.

With a successful beta program that kicked off in April 2017, LiveCoach has built a database of over 1,000 reputable, certified life coaches that are available to provide council and help users reach their goals across life subjects as diverse as health, careers, fitness, relationships and more. Additionally, through AI, the use of big data, feedback from the beta program and research, LiveCoach has eliminated the guessing game out of selecting a coach by recommending a curated list of qualified coaches based on the user’s need.

“Whether you are looking for guidance on how to lose weight, reach career goals or handle a rocky relationship, life coaching is a proven form of counseling and one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. The industry as a whole though hasn’t seen much change in the last few decades, with people still having to do their own research to find a coach, pay hundreds of dollars for each in-person session and being limited to connecting with one coach at a time,” said Shimon Lazarov, CEO of LiveCoach. “With LiveCoach, we are giving life coaching the makeover it needs, bringing hundreds of reputable coaches to one platform and using internal data and research to offer each user recommendations, based on their individual needs.”

Improving an Outdated System for Users

Moving to an affordable subscription service, LiveCoach allows users to experience unlimited coaching from multiple professionals, facilitating instant help when facing urgent problems…

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