Liquidware Brings Greater Workspace Visibility to Cloud, Virtual and Physical Desktops


We now have key architectural elements in place to extend and enhance desktop workspace visibility. — David Bieneman, CEO, Liquidware

Liquidware today announced Stratusphere™ UX 6.0, a user experience monitoring and diagnostics solution for desktops and virtual workspaces. The latest version of the solution will include major architectural enhancements to support scalability, a dashboard builder, support for new client devices, and reporting to facilitate application virtualization and strategy with FlexApp layering.

“With this release of Stratusphere UX, we now have key architectural elements in place to extend and enhance our capabilities to provide greater workspace visibility,” said David Bieneman, CEO and co-founder, Liquidware. “Our focus on the enterprise workspace provides a solution that not only scales, but offers higher-availability to support the needs of our customers’ growing environments.”

“As organizations extend their workspaces beyond physical PCs—to include on-premises and cloud-based virtual workspaces—the need to view a user persistently across all platforms has also increased,” noted Kevin Dralle, Solutions Architect at Presidio. “Whether Citrix, VMware or full-on local Windows, the visibility provided by Stratusphere UX is unparalleled. And with the increased enterprise functionality, an already great solution just got better.”

Attributes to Better Support the Enterprise

Stratusphere UX has always been at home in large environments. This major release will introduce a new Highly Scalable Architecture, which will significantly increase the amount of user, machine and application data Stratusphere can capture for visibility. Major architectural changes include the addition of a distributed Collector Appliance, for the aggregation and collection of Stratusphere Connector ID Key (an extremely lightweight in-guest agent) data and network data.

The new architecture, coupled with other platform changes, will offer far greater scalability to support both more information density as well as larger user environments. Additionally, the new Collector Appliance will provide high-availability for in-guest data collection—related, Connector ID Keys now offer a…

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