LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner on America’s skill gap and efforts to close it

According to the latest labor statistics, the number of job openings in the U.S. rose to more than 6 million in April, an all-time high and up more than 7 percent from the same time a year ago.

As part of our continuing series, “Work in Progress,” exploring the future of jobs and issues facing the American workforce, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner joined “CBS This Morning” to discuss why there seem to be so many job openings, whether skills or degrees are more important, and how LinkedIn is trying to connect the right people with the right jobs.

“In terms of some of the cities with the fastest-growing influx of talent, which I think to some extent is a reflection or a proxy for where those job opportunities are, we’re seeing a lot of growth and a lot of movement to cities like Seattle, Portland, Denver, Austin, Charlotte,” Weiner said.

According to Weiner, these cities have a high quality of life and a lower cost of living compared with places like Silicon Valley.

Asked to explain why there are currently so many job openings, Weiner said,” You know, there’s a lot of debate back and forth among economists. Is there a skill gap, is there not a skill gap? I think when you think about it in the aggregate across the United States, you can debate it. But unquestionably, at the local level, there are skills gaps. There are cities that are hiring, they’re hiring quickly. They’ve got fast-growing industries and they don’t have the talent with the requisite skills to take on those roles.”

Weiner said LinkedIn’s goal is to leverage the data they’ve been able to collect from 500 million users of the online networking site to help better match job seekers and employers.

“We have over 10 million jobs there now listed on the site, 50,000 standardized skills. We’ve got the information to match talent to jobs in a way that was never possible before,” Weiner said.

In addition to matching talent with jobs, Weiner said LinkedIn would like to be able to offer users information about what…

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