Linda & Richard Eyre: Traveling the blue roads of Utah


In the summer of 1991, Richard and Linda Eyre and nine of their children traveled the state of Utah in a RV.

After the round-the-world tour described in one of our articles last month, it has been good to stick close to home lately and use a car instead of an airplane. Being away makes it all the better to be back home, and what a home we all have in Utah, arguably the most beautiful and varied state in the entire country.

We have driven to St. George and the Kolob Canyon part of Zion National Park since coming home, and also to the Alpine beauty of our northern Utah canyons and Bear Lake.

We have a theory about Brigham Young: We think he knew where the most beautiful stuff in the West was, and drew the Utah map to capture it all. Actually, come to think about it, when he did the boundaries for the original State of Deseret, he also gerrymandered in a little passage down to the Pacific Ocean and included San Bernardino.

Whenever we get to traveling around on road trips in Utah, it reminds us of our ultimate road trip back in the summer of 1991. We were gearing up to run for governor the following year and we got it in our minds that it would be nice to visit every town in the state. Somewhat brashly, we announced that aspiration on a radio show we were doing on KSL — before we did the research that revealed that there were well over 300 municipalities in the state!

But we were committed to do it, so we rented a motor home and planned out four regional trips with three brief intermissions between them that took us to every single city. It was a blast! We called in every day from whatever town we were in to broadcast live…

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