Limousine in my Grandma reminiscence

Wearing her leathery old skin and silver gray hair, yet she is the most beautiful lady, I have ever come across. With her embracing caring attitude, charming face, vibrant personality and innocence like a child. I am proud to say that she is my grandma, as I met her after a long time and started to explain how I got busy, I mentioned the word limousine. She got totally head over heels and started to tell her stories being nostalgic.

She told me during her teenage years, limousine was subject of attraction and talk of the town. With her enthusiastic voice, she further explained the whole new sensation that was flowing in the air. She was one of those people who were strike up by the beauty of limousine.  Further, she started to explain  about her early days, she told me proudly that she was a total tomboy of the family though her mother was not happy about her behavior and the way she act, her father seems to persuade  her in everything she do. She was unusual girl and she had a great interest in cars and bikes.

Among others, limousine was her favorite and a dear one. It was out of the box; her first glance at the limousine was full of anxiousness as she saw her dear uncle driving the priceless, extra ordinary car. She immediately jumped in to the car and behaved like a happy little puppy. It was the most memorable day for her till now beside her wedding day, she explained with the little giggle. I was interested to know about old limousines and what they look like so I asked her about the classic, vintage limousines. And without hesitation, she told me it was like a perfect imagination landed on reality zone, it was car but it was very beautiful.  Soft leather seats, large space, rear compartment, folding seats and impressive classy style. It was the perfect illustration of luxury and referred as the symbol of wealth. She said she would never forget that day when her uncle who was working as chauffeur to wealthy family, drove her off up to her university….

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