Lightwell Acquires BAAX, LLC, a Leading Data Analytics Consultancy

Michelle Kerr, Lightwell’s President and Founder

We are thrilled to be joined by the BAAX team, and are excited about the new ways we will be able to help our customers.

Lightwell, a leading IT services and solutions provider, today announced it has acquired BAAX, LLC—a Columbus, Ohio-based consulting firm that provides data warehouse, data integration, business intelligence, and analytics services. BAAX helps some of the nation’s top companies optimize the way they organize, orchestrate, manage, and analyze one of their most valuable assets—their data. This acquisition represents a significant opportunity to address the increasing demand for data analytics expertise, while enabling Lightwell to create greater strategic value for its customers.

“We are thrilled to be joined by the BAAX team, and are excited about the new ways we will be able to help our customers,” said Michelle Kerr, Lightwell’s president and founder. “We work with many companies that generate and collect a tremendous amount of data—but they’re unable to use much of it to their advantage. They face challenges accessing, integrating, cleansing, transforming, and analyzing this data to make it meaningful and actionable. This is where the BAAX team excels—they help companies overcome these back-end data challenges and leverage analytics in the most impactful way.”

Established in 2004, BAAX is a privately-held firm that has assisted leaders across a variety of industries—including financial services, banking, insurance, and retail. Some of its key focus areas include data analytics strategy, data integration, data warehousing, business intelligence, and predictive analytics. Examples of their work include:

  • Designing a data warehouse that helps one of the world’s largest banks to improve marketing, sales and customer service capabilities
  • Creating a suite of executive dashboards that enable a top automotive finance company to monitor delinquencies, losses, new volume, and sales penetration
  • Building a broad suite of analytical models for leading insurance companies, including models for customers, quotes, financial products, demographics, banking, and policies
  • Developing business intelligence solutions for…

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