Light & Color Measurement Seminars Provide Education on Photometric Principles and Technology

Radiant Vision Systems “Light & Color Measurement” Seminars

Radiant Vision Systems, a leading provider of visual test and inspection systems for light sources and displays, offers education on photometric light measurement through a series of live, half-day seminars taking place throughout Fall 2017. “Light & Color Measurement” seminars are led by Radiant’s team of light and color measurement experts, and include live demonstrations of display testing, backlit symbol evaluation, and LED intensity measurement using Radiant TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection Software and ProSource® Light Measurement Software. Upcoming seminars take place on various dates and locations, with the next live events occurring on September 21 in Austin, Texas, and September 28 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Lighting and displays have become integral to the functionality of the latest technology in electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and other industries. Manufacturers are adopting modern LED, OLED, and display technologies to improve the performance and safety of their products, and are tasked with understanding how illuminated components impact the overall design, quality, and end user experience of these products to ensure positive ROI. With a fundamental introduction to photometric principles for light and color measurement, Radiant’s live seminar series presents imaging solutions that are able to accurately simulate human visual perception of light to ensure the truest evaluation of product design and function. These solutions also answer the need for quality control on the production line, where they are used in fully-automated integrations to optimize the efficiency of operations throughout manufacturing.

Attendees to Radiant’s seminars will learn:

  • The fundamentals of light and color measurement
  • How the human eye responds to light
  • How to capture and quantify meaningful qualities of light and color using image-based photometric measurement systems
  • The components of a successful light measurement system
  • Applications and considerations for image-based evaluation of displays, backlit symbols, and light sources

Demonstrations of photometric measurement are provided throughout Radiant seminars using ProMetric®…

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