LifeCare’s “LeaveCoach” Service Solves Major Workplace Challenge

Having my Coach’s support and guidance before maternity leave and through my transition back has been crucial to my success.

The country’s leading work-life provider, LifeCare, has formally launched, “LeaveCoach” – the industry’s only leave transition program supported by dedicated leave transition and coaching specialists.

Taking a leave of absence for a major life event, such as to start a family can be stressful for both employees and their managers. In response to growing demand from employers looking to provide increased support to their employees, LifeCare specially-developed LeaveCoach, a unique benefit that helps employees successfully transition to and from a leave.

“Many people don’t know where to start when planning for leave,” says Peter Burki, CEO of LifeCare. “With LeaveCoach, we help ensure employees take advantage of the resources available to them from their employers. This enables them to leave less stressed and to come back refreshed, ready to jump back into the workplace.”

Separate and distinct from absence management programs, a key differentiator of LeaveCoach are the Coaches themselves. They provide group and on-one-one support to help employees understand and take all necessary actions to ensure a successful transition before, during and after a leave of absence. This includes referrals to complimentary benefits and resources, which typically see a 30%+ increase in utilization for employers who have implemented LeaveCoach.

“Every day is a new opportunity to help someone,” says Jennifer Cunningham, Leave Coach at LifeCare. “Whether it’s guiding them through paperwork, explaining complimentary benefits, or just listening as they talk through their concerns, it’s a great feeling to be able to give each member personalized attention so they get exactly what they need.”

While the program was designed initially to help employees and their spouses/partners who are starting or extending their family through birth, adoption, or surrogacy, the program has already expanded to include assistance for employees who are taking a leave of absence to care for a spouse or loved one or to address their own health issues.

Employers who have implemented LeaveCoach are seeing a 99%…

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