Life-Changing Procedures by Expert Cosmetic Dermatologic Surgeon Dr. Jason Emer Featured in Recent Appearances on “The Doctors”

Board-certified cosmetic dermatologist and body contouring visionary Jason Emer, MD

“It was a tremendous honor to impact the lives of both Alison and Karen,” Dr. Emer says.

Cosmetic dermatologic surgeon Dr. Jason Emer, highly acclaimed for his results-driven, no-boundaries approach to cosmetic dermatological procedures of the body and face, was featured recently during two inspiring appearances on the widely watched medical television show The Doctors. In the first appearance, the innovative Dr. Emer expertly brightened a dull complexion by applying a bold approach to facials termed the “salt and sizzle facial.” In the second episode, he surprised a member of the audience with a customized filler treatment that improved her sagging features as part of an expansive and complementary full facial transformation that also included a fearless new hairstyle and glammed makeup application.

“We’re always aging,” says Dr. Jason Emer, “either due to genetic predispositions or constant exposure to the sun, and it can leave us with a complexion that looks lifeless. I’m always looking for ways to combat this, particularly with methods that are unique and can maximize results in one procedure. With Alison, who wanted to regain her bright complexion, we decided to restore a more youthful glow with a sea salt facial, a non-abrasive use of pressurized salt that naturally exfoliated and hydrated her skin with fantastic results.”

During the procedure, Dr. Emer applied a one-of-a-kind “salt and sizzle facial” to Alison using the SaltFacial Skin Renewal Therapy™. It offers skin-rejuvenating results without the skin trauma or damage that is seen with a microdermabrasion procedure; it’s ideal for all skin types to lift and tighten the skin, remove oil and debris, erase fine lines, and reduce dark circles under the eyes. By adding the sizzle mask, composed of lightening agents and antioxidants, it further brightens the skin and improves overall texture and glow.

On the other episode, Dr. Emer helped give a complete makeover to audience member Karen, who was chosen as part of the show’s 10th season “Race to Erase 10 Years” celebration in which they surprise guests on each show with a makeover…

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