Liebherr Refrigeration Offers Modern Conveniences For The Historic Home

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People have different requirements when it comes to refrigerators and freezers – such as storage space, long-lasting food freshness, innovative timeless design, and the use of high-quality materials. Liebherr offers options for any level of integration.

Today the term historic home has different meanings to different people. Many associate the word with a home that has iconic design details worth saving. Others use the term to describe a home built or occupied by a notable figure. For many, homes are historic because it is where memories are made. There are so many distinctive styles, from colonial to craftsman to mid-century modern; there are unique architectural features celebrated in the home. When embarking on a renovation project in a home with unique character, modern-day features come into play.

For any home modern conveniences are necessities:

Among those conveniences is a refrigerator in the kitchen. Prior to the 1920’s electric refrigerators were not a common appliance found in the home. Homeowners are not expected to keep to the historic period of the home when it comes to something as important as the refrigerator. A concern is how to integrate modern appliances and cabinetry into a historic home’s kitchen while maintaining the spirit and style of the home. The best option is to create a good balance between the historic design and modern lifestyle using refrigerators with the most current features and technology. However, this still leaves the dilemma of marrying modern appliances with the home’s aesthetic.

There are many opinions about the best approach to bringing modern refrigeration into a historic home. Options include using authentic, possibly restored, appliances, reproduction appliances meeting a certain design period, the full integration of the refrigerator into custom cabinetry, and the display of a modern refrigerator with a sleek, timeless design. Restored appliances must comply with modern safety standards. Reproduction refrigerators can be a great alternative though the overall capacity of the units is limited to the smaller footprint of the past.

One great option available to homeowners today is full integration within the custom cabinetry in the kitchen. The…

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