Libra Weekly Horoscope – What Stars Speak About You

If you are born between 23rd September and 23rd October then your Zodiac sign is Libra. This zodiac is governed by the Venus, which means the planetary ruler of Libra is Venus.

As per Libra weekly horoscope, this week is going to be a mix bag of fun for your work place as well as home. You would be an energetic person this week, so you need to use it in the positive directions. By doing so, you will be having a fun time with your professional colleagues in the office and with your family members at home.  People having Libra as their zodiac sign are going to get good support from their colleagues in the office and it will definitely boost their morale. You would be having a pleasure time no matter whether you have money in your pocket or not.

Stars have offered you a very good opportunity to play right this time without worrying about the mistakes done in the past. This is the perfect time for you to overcome from some long pending problem. If you are businessmen then it is a perfect time to start new project without any extra efforts. This week, you are going to have some new experience which will help you in handling business.

If you are planning to have partnership in your business then you should go ahead with this idea as there a probability of getting a good partner at the end of this week. However, certain legal matter may spoil your mood and act as a roadblock. But your positive energy and sufficient business acumen will be enough to circumvent these hurdles.

Love and relationship – As per the Libra Weekly Horoscope predictions, you are going to spend enough time with friends and relative, mostly celebrating your success. This success will help you to get more respect from your elders and relatives. You will also get moral support from your family and they will keep you in high spirit.

Those who are single and are planning to express their feelings to someone should try to avoid and behave as usual this week as it is not the right time to do so….

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