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Re: “Is big spending on needy students paying off?” [News, June 18]: So, California spends billions on something and it isn’t working. Really? I’m not so sure. The article said we’ve hired more teachers and are paying them higher salaries. Seems it’s working just fine, if you’re a teacher. And, probably if you’re in administration. And, we can be fairly sure that they responded with glowing endorsements of the local officials who made that possible. So, it’s working well, if you’re running for office. And, finally, for those government employees who were hired to administer that $31 billion. Looks like a lot of winners here.

But wait. What about the test scores? Don’t they show that the plan isn’t working? Well, say the “winners,” you can’t expect results overnight. Or even in four years. These things take time. The kid who entered high school at the beginning of the program got nothing for it, but the officials, teachers, administrators, politicians and government workers involved got the benefits from day one. And they all vote.

— M. J. Knudsen, Trabuco Canyon

Demand success

California educators will give you a thousand reasons why kids are failing, especially Hispanic, non-English speaking children. But the actual truth is that if educators succeed, they will get less money. So, they fail intentionally and put out their hands demanding more and more cash, but never providing the education to help these kids actually learn. They are paid to fail.

There is an ingrained institutional expectation of failure for these students and while schools go “through the motions,” what they really see are dollar signs, not people.

As a school board member, I watched it happen across the state. They teach to the lowest common denominator at the slowest possible pace and wonder why no one gets ahead. The noxious and pervasive idea that it takes seven to 10 years for a child to become proficient in English is as repulsive as it is ludicrous.

Money isn’t the answer. Technology…

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