Leonardo da Vinci, A Very Special Child by Ton Pascal

A Very Special Child by Ton Pascal


Leonardo da Vinci never went to school. He didn’t have private tutors. He was a self-taught man. Personally I think that Leonardo had a kind of autistic condition. From a very early age his works show a recognition and understanding of the basic laws of physics concerning time and space, a subject little known until then. When he thought about an issue, his mind gave him the immediate solution to the problem.


Leonardo’s ideas, expressed in his backward writing, and looking like a secret code, were almost illegible to most readers. At that time, a time when the Roman Catholic Church was the only recognized accepted source and ruling body of the world’s knowledge and secrets, this could easily be considered an act of heresy. The Church was the arbiter and had the final word in any subject, be it scientific, social, and of course on anything they considered to be a religious matter.


Being illegitimate, Leonardo was certainly bullied and looked down upon by other children and their parents. But, despite his social and birth conditions, the well mannered Leonardo seemed driven to prove that everyone was wrong, and that he was an intelligent and noble gentleman. Freud also hinted on this same subject. He attributed Leonardo’s development, as an artist and scientist, to the circumstances of his illegitimate birth.


To suggest that Leonardo had mystic powers and belonged to this or that secret organization, or that his writings are nothing but riddles and prophesies doesn’t do justice to the creative genius of this man. Leonardo wrote what came to his mind, describing in detail what he saw already accomplished. As someone with autism may do, Leonardo saw in his mind the object he had created as fully operational, long before he put the quill or chalk to the paper. Most of the time, different, unrelated thoughts succeeded at a fast pace which he had difficulty in controlling. On top of this, his social standing didn’t allow him to join groups or associations where the patrons were of a higher and noble class. Leonardo, even when famous, was nevertheless an Artisan and lived like a gypsy, moving often from one place to another. He had no home and hardly had time to finish his commissions, never mind traveling back and forth to attend secret meetings.


A little known fact about Leonardo is that he had a very impatient nature and disliked physical or manual labor, and this served as a creative conduit…

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