Leo Lysucor’s New Book “The Big Syphon” Is A Breathtaking Endeavor That Embarks On An Epic Adventure Through The Realm Of Science And Untamed Romance

Leo Lysucor, a dedicated writer of science-palpable stories, has completed his new book “The Big Syphon”: an engrossing and realistic account that delves into the questions of science, politics, and religion, as the main characters unravel plans to save humanity from the brink of destruction.

Author Leo Lysucor depicts mankind’s hope amidst the overwhelming issues involving both natural and man-made catastrophes: “This doesn’t make any sense to Glenn as by now it should have been far south of the equator, and still traveling SSE. This new news gives him some glimmer of hope that, perhaps, he didn’t start the whirlwind; maybe it had some other explanation. Also, he is hopeful that it had encountered some atmospheric pressure centers that was turning it, and if that could affect its direction, then that might also be able to break it up and destroy it. Soon another ship north of the first ship sighted the whirlwind traveling northwesterly just before noon their time. If these reports were correct, it was turning around and coming back toward the USA.” Glenn is puzzled. How could that be true?                                

There are reports of doomsday preachers in every major city calling on sinners to repent, that God had sent the whirlwind and that judgment day was upon them. The radio quoted one as saying, “Ye hath spread the unholy seed, and now ye shall reap the whirlwind!”

“Well, it might be,” Glenn thinks, “if I don’t do something to destroy it.

                    . . .

He has the urge to follow after the train as it slowly disappears from his view. He does not want to let her go. He feels lonely—so, so lonely.

            [‘Without a cry, without a prayer,

             With no betrayal of despair.’]

                     . . .

Now he is completely within the whirlwind and he seems to be part of the lightning, contained therein, and all he can hear is static through his spacesuit’s headset. He knows he and the basket are spinning faster and faster inside the whirlwind. The safety ropes are tightening on his body, and he feels pressure building in his skull until he thinks his head is going to explode …

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