Lenzing AG and DL1961 Announce The Next Generation In Denim

Emily Ratajkowski for DL1961

DL1961 and Lenzing AG announce another innovative partnership to make DL1961 denim even more sustainable. Using Lenzing’s Refibra™ branded lyocell fibers, DL1961 will create a new denim blend that utilizes renewable wood sources and employs a supplementary proportion of recycled cotton scraps to create a garment that is sustainable, innovative, but still retains the premium quality, feel and fit.

With sharing the same value on sustainability, DL1961 is one the first partners of Lenzing to use Refibra™ fibers in its Denim collection launching for Pre-Fall 2018. This is not the first time DL1961 and Lenzing have partnered to make a highly efficient garment. DL1961 has been using Lenzing’s TENCEL® lyocell fibers in their denim since 2012 and has achieved great success in both the industry and with customers as a result.

Refibra™ fibers, the new generation of TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers, are made from wood pulp that contains a supplementary proportion of cotton scraps from cutting operations. Lenzing is the first manufacturer to offer cellulosic fibers featuring recycled material on a commercial scale and is a pioneer with this technology. Reducing the need to extract additional raw materials from nature lowers the impact on natural resources. Thus Refibra™ fibers have initiated an important step towards circular economy for textiles by re-using a certain proportion of cotton scraps. What’s groundbreaking about Refibra™ fibers is that it combines both advantages – the recycling of cotton scraps and an innovative sustainable production process.

In a world where climate change awareness and sustainability are instrumental to ensuring we don’t deplete our earth and its resources, it is our responsibility to keep innovating and creating innovative fibers like Refibra™ that besides wood pulp also employs a supplementary proportion of existing materials to create better, more sustainable products of the future.

According to CEO of DL1961, Maliha Ahmed, “It is our responsibility as a company and as leaders in the denim industry to make sure we are always in pursuit of better processes and materials that reduce our environmental footprint all while providing our customer with newer…

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