Ledgex Systems Announces Version 8.0 of its Flagship Portfolio and Research Management Platform, Delivering Intelligent and Dynamic Feature Enhancements

With Ledgex 8.0, our team set out to give users more power and control in a simplified way to help ensure firms are maximizing all the benefits the Ledgex platform delivers.

Ledgex Systems, a multi-asset class portfolio, research, workflow and reporting platform for the alternative and institutional investment industries, announced today the availability of its latest release. Aimed at making the platform more intelligent and dynamic for users, Ledgex 8.0 delivers compelling new features, which give users greater control in an intuitive view, enhanced custom alerts, reimagined auto action capabilities and redesigned navigation. These features work together to create workflows that will drive processes and help firms be organized and operate more efficiently.

Ledgex 8.0 offers new features aimed at allowing users to create and manage their own workflows leveraging two new features: Ledgex Inbox and Ledgex Auto-Actions. Users can easily define rules that route workflow tasks, validate data criteria at various stages in a workflow and receive real-time alerts throughout each stage of a workflow. For example, a firm can put a Manager Pipeline process in place that not only captures what stage a manager is in but can also validate that certain required documents have been completed and saved prior to moving it to the next stage. At the same time, key members of the firm can be notified as the manager moves through the various stages.

With this latest release, Ledgex also sought to integrate with Intralinks. This allows users to synchronize an Intralinks Workspace with a Document Library. The synchronization is performed automatically throughout the day allowing users to access these vital Documents directly in Ledgex. Tagging is also performed to the primary entity so the end-user has all the information they need at their fingertips without any manual intervention required. “With newly added integration points, our users will continue to see more information flow into Ledgex more seamlessly,” said Lee McKinnon, Director of Software at Ledgex Systems.

“The Ledgex platform is a powerful workflow and reporting system rich with the features and capabilities the alternative and institutional investment industries require. With Ledgex 8.0, our team…

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