Learning from your Mistakes: 7 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

After years in business, you probably know by now what makes your business fail or succeed. Perhaps you have already mastered the pattern of what works and what doesn’t. Mistakes are part of running a business. It’s part of the learning process. But if nothing is done to remedy these mistakes, the business will never grow and succeed.

It’s all too common to see businesses fail because of poor marketing strategies. The product, resources, and audience are there, only that the strategy was inappropriate. It was not planned well, thus, the failure of the campaign. What could have been a gainful venture ended up with wasted resources. Here are some of the common marketing mistakes that pop up over and over again:  

1)  Investing on rationality rather than emotions. Sure, planning a marketing campaign should be based on rationality, but remember that consumers don’t use their rationality when making purchases; they use their emotions. If you want to influence them to make a purchase, don’t use reason with them, rather connect with their emotions.

2)  Creating confusing messages. Most marketing messages these days are rampant buzzwords based on clichés. Even simple flyers and folded postcards contain the most jargon you can ever find in a marketing material. Marketers believe that if they don’t use clichés no one will trust their claims. However, most messages that break through the noise and make an impact are those that are simple and straight to the point. Why? Because it’s rare and people easily know what to expect from the company.  

3)  Making everyone their market. No company can make everyone their target market. This will only result in failures and lost sales. Clever business owners know that by narrowing their target market they are increasing their chance of gaining better brand appeal. As the right audience is targeted, positive results will be achieved.

4)  Extensively going with the trend. While new trends provide a better and…

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