Learning.com Launches Dynamic New Digital Literacy Assessments at ISTE 2017

Today at ISTE 2017, education technology company, Learning.com, launched Digital Literacy Assessments for fifth and eighth graders, a dynamic new set of tools to measure students’ proficiency with digital devices. This easy-to-use, high-quality assessment tool allows educators to pinpoint and close critical gaps in students’ digital literacy skills. Aligned to the 2016 ISTE Standards for Students, the assessments are designed to prepare students for success in school, college and careers and to maximize schools’ technology return-on-investment.

“While today’s students may be able to swipe and tap, many lack some of the basic digital literacy skills that they will need to complete high school, be successful in college and navigate the rest of their lives,” said Learning.com CEO Keith Oelrich. “We developed our new Digital Literacy Assessments to provide teachers with the information they need to help students bridge their skills gap before they reach high school.”

Building on the strength of Learning.com’s previous assessment tools, TechLiteracy Assessment and 21st Century Skills Assessment, Digital Literacy Assessments provide educators with tangible data to assist them in gauging student proficiency in the use of digital devices and applications for the purposes of communication, expression, collaboration and advocacy. These diagnostic assessments, which can be applied at any time during the school year, give teachers a guide for developing specific curriculum plans, empowering them to design classroom instruction that meets students’ needs. Summative assessments can be implemented at the end of the year to measure student growth.

Digital Literacy Assessments are available as a standalone resource or as a supplement to EasyTech, a self-paced digital literacy curriculum for grades K-8 that…

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