Learning Ally Named as a Reading Accommodation in New California Statewide Dyslexia Guidelines

Dr. Kathy Futterman, California Dyslexia Expert

The inability to comprehend print places students with dyslexia at a major disadvantage,” says Dr. Futterman. “This webinar will give California educators the strategies and tools they need to implement the new Guidelines with fidelity.

Under the new California Dyslexia Guidelines, potentially hundreds of thousands of students with dyslexia will have the opportunity to reach their academic potential through reading accommodations using human-read audiobooks by Learning Ally, a nonprofit education technology organization.

Learning Ally’s human-read audiobooks eliminate the barriers to learning with access to grade level curriculum. The comprehensive library offers over 80,000 titles, including novels, K-12 curriculum textbooks and popular series to engage students of all ages and interests. Coupled with a suite of teacher resources, educators and administrators can easily manage assignments and monitor reading activity to report student academic progress.

The statewide California Dyslexia Guidelines are written to provide clear and useful direction for general and special education teachers and parents on the need for, and uses of, accessible educational materials to identify, assess, and support more students with the learning disability.

Andrew Friedman, CEO of Learning Ally, says, “We are excited to collaborate with California teachers and administrators and look forward to bringing our expertise to their efforts. Learning Ally has been a national leader and partner on similar initiatives with other State Departments of Education and with the National Center on Accessible Educational Materials run by CAST. Together, we can help to level the playing field so that more students with dyslexia can be empowered learners to succeed in school and in life.”

Ready, Set, Go — Putting the CA Dyslexia Guidelines into Action

To share proven strategies as California educators plan and implement the Guidelines, Learning Ally will host a webinar on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 2:00 (PT) by Dr. Kathy Futterman. Dr. Futterman is a reading expert and consultant who advises California schools, districts, and SELPAs in the development and implementation of…

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