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What will I do as a Phlebotomist?
I bet you have donated blood before at the Red Cross. Then, you have already met a phlebotomist in your life! Phlebotomists are professionals in the medical field who will draw blood from patients or blood donors. The blood samples are later used for medical testing. As a phlebotomist, you should prepare yourself for people who don’t like needles. You are the least favorite part of someone’s trip to the doctor’s office, so remember to be a soothing, caring person for their patient.
Explain a Phlebotomist’s Career?
As a starting phlebotomist, your job will mostly consist of:
Detailing the procedures to your patient
Organizing patient records
Maintaining and keeping equipment clean and sterile
Measuring a patient’s pulse and respiratory rate

Any blood draw leaves behind an important history A blood draw will be logged permanently into someone’s medical record. So you must be extremely detail oriented.

The Steps To Becoming a Phlebotomist
If phlebotomy sounds interesting, you should go ahead and take phlebotomy classes. A price-effective option is to enroll at a community college. A community college program takes several months, but will prepare you to sit for a certification exam. After taking classes and performing live blood draws, you have earned eligibility for certification. Phlebotomy certification makes a huge difference when searching for jobs. A well-trained phlebotomist is a must, and employers will take not of your distinction.

Step 1: Explore your Career Options

A reading of reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics(or BLS) shows that lab technicians [were expected to see good job growth from 2008-2018.|have high expected growth in jobs from 2008-2012.|will see very high increases in job opportunities from 2008-2012.) To be precise, the projected numbers were an increase of 25,000 jobs(a 16% increase). While testing becomes more automated, phlebotomists shouldn’t be concerned since large amounts of blood usually need to…

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