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Color, form, line, shape, space and texture aren’t reserved only for those who work with oils, clay or metal.

Floristry artists find those same elements in the wonders of Mother Nature’s handiwork. Ariella Chezar sculpts, molds and creates botanical beauties. Her talents were showcased recently in the City of Angels at the launch opening of FlowerSchool Los Angeles, where she will be teaching.

“People have emotional and deeply felt experiences working with this beautiful medium,’’ said Chezar, known in the industry for her garden-inspired design style. “Flowers are a medium that has a life force to it. I think people have a genuine craving to touch and be connected to beauty. It’s undeniable.”

Chezar, author or “Flowers for the Table,’’ is one of many master florists bringing their talents to the school and Southern California. She introduced her style to the region by demonstrating one of her signature designs — using a compote as the vessel to elevate the flowers allowing their natural fullness and scale to take center stage.

FlowerSchool wants to recognize floristry, and floral design such as Chezar’s, by offering beginners, flora fans and professionals instruction in how to showcase flowers. Classes come just in time for those planning holiday centerpieces who need a bit of DIY advice, but they continue throughout the year.



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