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Volunteer in India with the best gift that you can give, that is, time. It is not enough if you just sign checks of millions of dollars for the poor and under privileged; you can actually do a lot more by giving some time to the schools for the deaf and dumb, or give away serious hours in government hospitals if you are a professional already.

Your services are in need for the immense problems and stark issues that face the world of poverty. The government does all it can but it still falls short. What is needed badly is the participation of you, the ones who really matter to be able to cure the problems of the sick, needy and those who are homeless.

How many times do you go to office walking past clusters of slums and people on the road? Does it not prick your conscience that while they have nothing, you have a lion’s share of everything? Volunteer in India with your time, because just your money is simply not enough.

Abject poverty is a serious issue, and despite an 8% growth rate, there are too many people living below the poverty line in India. In this day and age, how can you live with a clear conscience when people have no shelter, no clothing, nowhere to bathe or do their morning ablutions?

The merciless, roofless road is home for so many Indians, who leave their villages in the hope of making it in the cities, but actually not many of them do succeed; instead, they live a life of crime and grime, and only you can assuage the problem by getting rid of at least one family’s severe problems of no shelter, no food, or no medicines.

You can serve the cause of the poor by teaching, or giving off your time to help professionally. So many government run hospitals have no good doctors. And those which do have so many patients, that there is always a case of serious demand over supply in the medical field. So, if you have the gift of a good practice, then share it with those who need you the most. The gift of life is the best gift you can present to anyone. The gift of…

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