Learn how to Clean Clarks Boots for Women

Clarks shoes are no longer just desert sporting footwear. They are growing in popularity because of their comfort and classy appeal. A couple of these boots will last quite a long time. Their desert boots have existed since the 1950s, and they remain among the best quality footwear you will discover in the market. They also have leather boots in other designs, however with exactly the same quality level as their desert originals.

Looking after your Clarks boots for women or men will not be complicated. Their leather boots underwent beeswax treatment, causing them to be flexible and waterproof for years. Incorrect cleaning can strip the leather of this beeswax layer, making your shoes more vulnerable to deterioration. Follow the guide to cleaning your Clarks boots and stretch the life span of your footwear.

Make use of a slightly-dampened soft cloth to remove the leftover dirt. You may use faucet water or a solution of water and mild soap. It’s going to be better if you utilize a special leather cleaner. Finish by brushing off the surface again, removing any dirt and grime you might have missed. Find an old brush and dampen it with water or soap solution. Brush the welt, stitches, along with other hard-to-reach edges of the boots. Much of the grime amasses within these areas. They will likely damage your leather and let moisture in unless you take them off completely. Be mild when scrubbing these areas to avoid any damage.

Let your shoes dry entirely. It doesn’t require much time to dry your shoes, but you can let it rest overnight in a clean area when necessary. Don’t dry your shoes with a heater or put them under the sun. The high temperature will break the leather, leading to irreversible damage. Once dry, make the shoes waterproof by using beeswax or oil-based treatments. You can get oils in shoe shops, while you will find beeswax treatments in sporting goods stores. You may also utilize a special leather finish from shoe stores. Apply the treatment solution generously, covering the tongue, all seams, and stitches. These areas are prone to water penetration and dirt build up. The procedure can make your shoes waterproof and dirt-proof.

Looking after your Clarks boots for women or men is easy. The true secret to extending its life is making it waterproof and dirt-proof. Follow these directions and take your shoes to the nearest Clarks store often for servicing. You will enjoy using these comfortable and fashionable shoes for years.


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