#Lean Enterprise Institute Book on Leadership and Profitable Continuous Improvement Takes Prestigious Award

Award Winner: The Work of Management

“The book is easy to read, not preachy, with many simple lessons for top managers …”

Lantech was an American manufacturing success story, enjoying success after success for a decade as it converted operations from wasteful batch production to efficient lean production. Millions of dollars in inventory were freed up. Lantech was featured in “Lean Thinking” and Harvard Business Review. Thousands of managers, executives, and continuous improvement experts visited to see how a company committed to continuous lean improvements operated.

But when the tours left, CEO Jim Lancaster was left with two deepening mysteries:

  • Why did improvements deteriorate so quickly?
  • And, if we’re so good at continuous improvement (kaizen), why weren’t profits dramatically better?

Now, the practical and inspiring story of how Lantech quadrupled profitability by making improvements stick, described in detail by Lancaster in “Work of Management”, has been recognized with the prestigious Publication Award from the Shingo Institute, part of the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University.

Daily Continuous Improvement

“The book is easy to read, not preachy, with many simple lessons for top managers,” wrote one award examiner. “Its greatest strength is in its arguments for daily floor-level participation by top management.” The “floor” can be sales, accounting, quality, manufacturing, etc. – it’s wherever the value-adding work of a business occurs.

Lancaster said, “The publication award is an honor for me and everyone on the Lantech team whose dedication and willingness to try and fail, then try and fail again at establishing this new business system ultimately created the success and stability we enjoy today.”

The “Work of Management,” published in March 2017 by the nonprofit Lean Enterprise Institute, is a business success story on two levels: a close-up, candid look at Lancaster’s personal transformation as a leader and an in-depth account about the company’s lean management success, relapse, and comeback.

In plain language the book reveals:

  • Why Lantech, a stellar performer in continuous improvement for a decade, struggled…

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