Leaked Apple code reveals that the iPhone 8 won’t feature Touch ID in the display

Apple over the weekend mistakenly made the firmware for its upcoming HomePod speaker available to the masses, and in the process, inadvertently released key details surrounding the upcoming iPhone 8. Once the firmware became available, developer Steve Troughton-Smith quickly began dissecting every crevice of the firmware whereupon he stumbled across a number of interesting data strings which all but confirm that the iPhone 8 will incorporate advanced facial recognition technology. Troughton-Smith also unearthed a glyph of the iPhone 8 which corroborates previous reports regarding the device’s sleek edge to edge display.

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After delving deeper into the firmware late last night, Troughton-Smith managed to glean even more information about the upcoming iPhone 8. Most notably, Troughton-Smith relayed via Twitter that the iPhone 8 will likely not incorporate a Touch ID sensor embedded directly into the display. While nothing is ever 100% confirmed until we hear it straight from Apple, the fact that the HomePod firmware was seemingly released by mistake suggests that Troughton-Smith’s conclusions should carry some weight.

If true, this is an unfortunate development, especially in the wake of reports claiming that Apple figured out a way to embed the Touch ID sensor underneath the display. This rumored shift in design necessarily begs the question: Will Apple abandon Touch ID entirely or might it appear on the back of the device? While we’ve seen some iPhone 8 prototypes feature a Touch ID sensor on the back, credible sources from within Apple’s supply chain have said that Apple opted to forgo such a design.

Consequently, it stands to reason that all functionality relating to biometric authentication and financial transactions will be handled exclusively by the iPhone 8’s new facial recognition software. As we covered not too long ago, the iPhone 8’s facial recognition software will be best in class and can seemingly identify users with startling accuracy. Nonetheless, even a flawless facial recognition scheme…

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