Leading Spine Surgeon Dr. Todd H. Lanman Launches Spinal Health Innovation and Veteran-Focused Charity Initiative, The Lanman Foundation

Dr. Todd H. Lanman

“They’ve had our backs for years and it’s time we had theirs,” said Dr. Todd H. Lanman

World-renowned spine surgeon Dr. Todd H. Lanman, founder of Beverly Hills-based practice Lanman Spinal Neurosurgery, has announced today the launch of The Lanman Foundation for Spinal Advancement and Innovative Health, his new charitable enterprise focused on advancing the science of spine health by expanding the spinal surgery community’s perspective to full health and lasting mobility of patients, as well as providing much-needed surgical procedures to those who have been injured serving in the United States military and haven’t been able to get the treatments they need.

As the principal investigator who oversaw the 10-year clinical trial beginning in 2006 and leading to the FDA-approved two-level cervical artificial disc replacement procedure with the Prestige LP device, and as the lead writer on the newly released 7-year outcomes, Dr. Lanman is prepared more than ever to go on to help create the next level in healing through his 4D Health Approach and The Lanman Foundation.

Lanman believes that the medical industry oftentimes simply corrects the issue at hand, but Lanman looks beyond that with long-term thinking about motion preservation that positively impacts his patients’ quality of life and improves lives by preserving and restoring movement. Taking this into account, through his 4D Spinal Research Institute he will be integrating his comprehensive 4D health approach, which he uses daily in his own practice and has found to be the most beneficial for his patients, to source, assess, apply and distribute information to advance the overall knowledge of spine disorders in order to improve patient lives. Taking into account factors such as his patients’ age, lifestyle, nutrition, hormone status, physical exercise regimen and overall health, he will evaluate and research how certain vitamins affect bone healing after surgery, how certain hormone supplements speed nerve, tissue and muscle healing and potentially accelerate recovery time of patients in physical therapy, weight loss and cardiovascular health playing a role in spine health, and may also implement possible stem cell and…

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